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Houston ISD makes the case for the importance of IMS Interoperability Standards

Pickens County - Using IMS Interoperability Standards to enable rich learning experiences

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Debunking the speak

Content Integration/Interoperability Strategy


GCPS Interoperability Guidelines


SPDC Technology Systems Overview

SPDC Data Processes Overview


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Enabling Integrated Digital Curriculum and Data for Student Success



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IMS interoperability standards are the foundation for the next generation digital learning infrastructure that enables continuous instructional innovation and improvement.  IMS, under leadership of our K12 Advisory Leadership Council and member districts, has been helping districts implement IMS Interoprablity standards that yield the following benefits:

  • Personalized learning as the “new normal”: Enable personalized assignment by the teacher or adaptive release to students of appropriate curriculum resources based on need
  • Standards and competency focused curriculum: Organize instructional and professional development resources according to learning standards or objectives 
  • Actionable data across diverse tools from multiple suppliers: Provide ongoing and rapid assessment data to teachers, students and parents, indicating areas needing improvement 
  • Easily utilize remediation resources from multiple suppliers: Enable rapid linking of areas needing improvement to professional development resources and additional curriculum resources
  • Seamless connectivity between Teaching and Learning Platforms and Provider Systems: Significanltly reduce the time and money it takes to integrate third party systems into the district eco-system

"Gwinnett has been able to accelerate our digital conversion efforts faster than would have otherwise been possible as a direct result of our collaboration with IMS Global and its members."

Tricia Kennedy, Executive Director of eCLASS Transformation, Gwinnett County Public Schools