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IMS Conformance Chart

This is official list of products that have obtained IMS conformance certification. Conformance Certification provides a level of assurance to end-users that the product has implemented the standard correctly.

IMS Learning Tools Interoperability™ (LTI) / Common Cartridge and Roster Processing Best Practices

The document examines a number of pain points currently experienced by District and School Management as it relates to the integration of content providers with District and School systems and offers various scenarios that can facilitate that integration.


IMS Global Call to Action Brochure

Learn how to participate and benefit from a vibrant collaboration among districts and suppliers to put into place an open architecture and ecosystem that provides districts with greater flexibility and options to evolve personalized learning.

Open-Standards Requirements for Digital Content and Application Integration with Enterprise Learning Platforms Find RFP guidance for procuring learning content or platform products that use of open standards with our Application and Policy Brief.

Efficient and Descriptive Learning Object Metadata: An Essential Component of K12 Instructional Reform

Learn about the standardization of a Learning Object

Streamline Access and Improve the Use of Digital Curriculum
Learn how using IMS standards can reduce pain points associated with transitioning from paper to digital curriculum.

How IMS Supports K-12
Learn about the key initiatives being led by IMS to support districts and how you can participate.

Thin Common Cartridge RFP Guidance and Checklist

Common Cartridge RFP Guidance and Checklist

Learning Tools Interoperability RFP Guidance and Checklist

OneRoster™ Overview


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Leading the Digital Transformation in Districts

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Continuous Instructional Improvement, Innovation, and Personalized Education

IMS interoperability standards are the foundation for the next generation digital learning infrastructure that enables continuous instructional innovation and improvement.  IMS, via our I3LC K-12 initiative, provides the following benefits:

  • Standards and competency focused curriculum: Organize instructional and professional development resources according to learning standards or objectives

  • Actionable data across diverse tools from multiple suppliers: Provide ongoing and rapid assessment data to teachers, students and parents, indicating areas needing improvement

  • Easily utilize remediation resources from multiple suppliers: Enable rapid linking of areas needing improvement to professional development resources and additional curriculum resources

  • Personalized learning as the “new normal”: Enable personalized assignment by the teacher or adaptive release to students of appropriate curriculum resources based on need