Join IMS GLC as an Affiliate

Joining IMS Global as an Affiliate member provides access to a community for developers and end-users to collaborate on tools, techniques, and trials of distributed learning products and delivery systems. The individuals and organizations play a key role in providing feedback to IMS and the Technical Advisory Board.

IMS Affiliates are valuable for the purpose of enabling broad participation in the activities of IMS GLC by end-user organizations and for the sharing of best practices in learning technology innovation.

Who Should Join as an Affiliate:

  1. If you are a product or service company implementing or using IMS specifications you are strongly encouraged to join the Affiliate to indicate your support for open specifications development. In return, IMS provides tools to make implementation of the specifications much more productive and effective and will update you directly on any changes or improvements.
  2. Affiliation is also for organizations that are end-users of learning technology such as educational institutions, school districts, and the training or human resources units of corporations who are interested in accelerating the development and adoption of the open architecture needed to improve teaching and learning impact


Affiliate Organizations to IMS GLC receive:

  • Preferred access to draft specifications.
  • Access to the Common Cartridge & Learning Tools Interoperability┬« and ┬áLearning Information Services Alliances.
  • Access to special tools not available to the public like Content Packaging UML diagrams and XMI files.
  • IMS members are eligible to apply for IMS Conformance Certification for any number of products at no additional fee.
  • Timely notifications of new releases, Learning Impact articles, and specification updates  delivered via email.
  • Access to a quarterly meetings and leadership groups not available to the public on the effective implementation of the IMS specifications and new innovations in the learning industry and the state of open specifications and standards for learning
  • Opportunities to participate in areas such as government programs, conference events and commercial partnerships.
  • The Network is a natural place to find partners or vendors of the components you need.
  • Discounts on IMS's annual Learning Impact Leadership Institute, workshops, boot camps and Summits.
  • Identification on the IMS web site
  • Ability to use relevant IMS trademarked terms on your web site and marketing materials in accordance with IMS guidelines
  • Access to an Affiliates Forum for discussion with peers
  • Access to the Connected Learning Innovation Community for support and distribution of open source apps and tools.
  • Participation in exclusive IMS GLC research programs to identify learning technology trends and practices
  • Participation in new innovations in the learning industry and the state of open specifications and standards for learning on the use of learning technologies and conformance of products to specifications and standards
  • Participation on IMS GLC Leadership Groups on selected topics to help prioritize key initiatives
  • Ability to participate in IMS Advisory Councils, such as the Connected Learning Advisory Council
  • Ability to participate in the Accredited Profile Management Groups (APMG)
  • Support for end-user organizations in including requirements for open standards in writing RFPs, tenders, and procurements 
  • Technical support for end-user organizations implementing standards from IMS staff and other IMS members via online forums
  • Support to resolve integration and interoperability problems encountered with compliant products
  • Receive the monthly IMS Member Dispatch to keep up to speed on the latest IMS news, workgroup activities, and upcoming meetings



IMS Global Learning Consortium, Inc. is a not-for-profit corporation. The fees cover the costs of providing Affiliate services. Participation fees may be required to cover the cost of other activities.

Annual Subscription Fees

Organization Type and Fees

Corporations with over $50M US annual revenue: $12,500 US annual

Corporations with over $10M US and less than $50M US revenue: $5,500 US annual

Corporations under $10M US revenue: $2,500 US annual

Government organizations with over $50M US annual operating budget: $9,500 US annual

Government organizations with over $10M US and less than $50M annual operating budget: $4,500 US annual

Government organizations under $10M US revenue: $2,500 US annual

Higher education institutions with over $500M US annual operating budget: $3,500 US annual

Higher education institutions with over $50M US and less than $500M US annual operating budget: $2,500 US annual

Higher education institutions with under $50M US annual operating budget: $1,500 US annual

Community colleges or FE institutions of any size: $1,500 US annual

K-12 or schools organization: $1000 US annual



You may join online and pay with a credit card or request an invoice at:


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