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Listed below are feature articles, presentations, webinars, and links focusing on leadership in the use of technology to impact learning. Some resources require that you join the IMS GLC Public Forums and Community to gain access and some resources are reserved for IMS Affiliate Members or higher.

The resources are organized into five broad categories:

We also have IMS Global Application and Policy Briefs which provide real-world guidance to users on how to solve problems faced within the K-20 educational enterprise. From product procurement advice to briefs explaining major issues faced by school districts and institutions, look for the Application and Policy Briefs to address the important priorities and requirements needed to improve education for the benefit of all learners.

IMS In the News
August 2015 The Language of Learning Analytics
July 2015 What Districts Need to Know About IMS Interoperability Standards
June 2015 ClassLink’s New Chief Academic Officer has sounded the call: We want 2015-2016 to be the Year of Open Technology Standards
June 2015 New Brightspace Insights™ Empowers Instructors with Data from Across the Entire Education Ecosystem, Enabling Them to Predict Learners at Risk Then Help Them in Real-Time
June 2015 Companies Face Rising Demand for Bite-Size Chunks of Curricula
June 2015 Florida's OCPS Adopts ClassLink for Digital Resource Access
May 2015 Florida Districts Widely Adopt ClassLink as Their Single Sign-On Solution
May 2015 IMS Global Announces the Winners of the 2015 Learning Impact Awards
May 2015 IMS Caliper Analytics™ Interoperability Standards Reach Candidate Final Release Status
May 2015 IMS Global Announces K-12 Open EdTech Ecosystem Initiative
May 2015 IMS Global Announces Ground-Breaking Initiative by Leading Organizations to Create a Highly Interoperable Assessment Ecosystem to Accelerate Transition to e-Assessment
April 2015 IMS Global Announces Initiative To Establish Digital Badges
April 2015 IMS Global to Build K-20 Badges with Mozilla
April 2015 IMS Global Seeks Members for Its Newest Initiative with Mozilla Foundation
April 2015 IMS Global pushes to expand online credentialing
April 2015 IMS Global Unveils Digital Credentialing Initiative
April 2015 IMS Global Announces Initiative to Establish Digital Badges as Common Currency for K-20 and Corporate Education
April 2015 Path To Personalization: Better Models & Better Tests
April 2015 IMS Global Announces Record Levels of Member Growth and Adoption of IMS Interoperability Standards
March 2015 Canvas, D2L, Florida Virtual School, Houghton Mifflin Harcourt,, McGraw-Hill Education, and SAFARI Montage Are First to Enable the IMS Thin Common Cartridge Standard for Leading School Districts
March 2015 Momentum Grows for Digital-Content 'Interoperability' Standards
March 2015 IMS Global Announces Winners of the 2015 Connected Learning App Challenge
March 2015 It’s Time For Students To Own The Student Record: B2C LMS Companion
December 2014 Big Districts Pressure Publishers on Digital-Content Delivery
November 2014 The Questar Assessment System Certified by the IMS Global Learning Consortium
October 2014 IMS Global Learning Consortium Receives Grant to Accelerate Digital Learning Content, Tool and App Connectivity
October 2014 Dublin Core Metadata Initiative, IMS Global Learning Consortium, and International Digital Publishing Forum Announce Digital Learning Metadata Alliance
October 2014 IMS Global Announces 2014 Learning Impact Report
September 2014 Google Course Builder now supports the Learning Tools Interoperability® (LTI® ) Specification
September 2014 LIS Gateway updated for Moodle 2.7
September 2014 EDUPUB Tokyo 2014: Global Conference on International Standardization of e-textbooks in Tokyo
August 2014 Nominations Now Being Accepted for the 2015 Learning Impact Awards
June 2014 LEGO Design: An Ed Tech Savior?
May 2014 IMS Global Announces the Winners of the 2014 Learning Impact Awards Program
April 2014 Knovation Announces IMS Global Certification of Digital Learning Solutions
April 2014 Pacific Metrics' Unity Platform Earns IMS Global Learning Consortium Assessment Conformance Certification
April 2014 IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces the e-Assessment Conformance Certification Challenge 2014 Award Winners
April 2014 ETS Assessment Management System Provides Standardized Platform to Manage Statewide Assessments
April 2014 IMS Global Announces Winners of the 2014 Connected Learning App Challenge
April 2014 IMS Global Announces Record Adoption of IMS Standards and Growth of IMS Member Community
April 2014 3 Questions With Dr. Rob Abel on Educational Technology
April 2014 IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces State of Minnesota Adoption of Open Interoperability Standards for Item and Test Development and Delivery
March 2014 IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces Participation in EDUPUB Europe 2014
March 2014 IMS Global Learning Consortium Announces Organizations and Products that Have Achieved Assessment Conformance Certification
March 2014 Ingram Content Group’s Vital Source Technologies Acquires CourseSmart

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Learning Impact Articles & Case Studies

June 2015 PARCC: Leveraging Open Standards to Support Next Generation Online Assessments
May 2015 Interoperability Standards Helping to Transform the Digital Curriculum

November 2014 Dutch Board of Examinations (the CvTE) Expanding Interoperability
with Adoption of IMS Global’s Assessment Standards
April 2014 Today’s Apps Changing Teaching & Learning
April 2014 What Will Define Tomorrow’s Next Generation Education Technology?, an Interview with Deborah Quazzo
April 2014 Tackling the Last Frontier.  Helping Educators Make Effective Use of Technology.  An Learning Impact interview with Lord Jim Knight of Weymouth
April 2014

Making Education Smarter – An Interview with Mary Keeling, Manager of Economic Analysis, for IBM’s Smarter Cities Program

March 2014 Read the Interview with Julie Evans, The Challenge of Educating Today’s Digital Natives
March 2014 Read the Interview with Ben Nelson, Rethinking the University: A Student-Centered Design
January 2014 An Integrated Learning Platform Improved with IMS Global Learning Standards: Desire2Learn (D2L) is a leading supporter for the broad adoption of interoperability standards to enable an open, integrated learning platform for teaching and learning

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IMS Reports and Whitepapers

October 2014 2014 Learning Impact Report

October 2013

IMS Global Announces 2013 Learning Impact Report

August 2013

7 Things You Should Know about LTI

May 2013

Read the latest Application and Policy Brief: Open-Standards Requirements for Assessment Content and Systems

April 2013

2012 IMS Annual Report

June 2011

Learning Management System (LMS) RFP Template Available - Enterprise Learning Systems and Applications Procurement (ELSAP) Adoption Practice Public Draft

February 2010

The Learning Impact 2010 Report:High Value Projects that Leading Institutions, Schools, and Governments are Implementing to Improve Access and Affordability to High Quality Educational Experiences

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IMS Webinars and Videos

June 2015 Leading the Digital Transformation in Districts
October 2014 Every Library Should Have Their Own CASA App Store: Share Your Mobile and LTI Apps
September 2014 The Power of Personalization - How Adaptive Technology is Transforming Teaching and Learning Webinar

December 2013

Watch the webinar, Building the Connected Learning Platform-One Brick at a Time with speakers Rob Abel and Jack Seuss.

September 2013

Watch Charles Severance talk about the benefit of Learning Tools Interoperability

February 2013

Check out the video of LTI v2.0 in action using a simple Tool Consumer and Tool Provider developed by John Tibbetts of VitalSource.

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Learning Impact Blog Postings

April 2015 Big announcement: IMS Global getting into Badges!
April 2015 Proud of the IMS Global Member Community!
April 2015 Learning Impact 2015 Key Themes: Curriculum Strategy, Data 2.0, Integrated Assessment & Digital Credentialing
March 2015 LMS Smackdown 2015 Preview: A very different future for the LMS in HED and K-12 is upon us
January 2015 2015 Leadership Opportunities in IMS Global Learning Consortium
October 2014 Understanding the big picture of the five key ed tech trends from the 2014 Learning Impact Report
October 2014 EDUCAUSE 2014 (#edu14): The beginning of alignment toward an “architecture for educational innovation”?
May 2014 Can the Education Sector Lead Learning Tech Impact (and Tech Stds)?
April 2014 The Real Lessons from InBloom
April 2014 Hap’s Got Apps! FAQ regarding the IMS Connected Learning Innovation Community and Challenge
April 2014 Why Does IMS Global Learning Consortium Publish an Annual Report?
April 2014 LRMI – the Shine is Off the Apple – Way Off in Our Estimation
April 2014 Does IMS Have a Strategy?

October 2013

How is the IMS Learning Impact Report different than the Horizon Report?

October 2013

IMS: Enabling innovative new products

October 2013

IMS: from 10-100x Revolution to Connected Learning Innovation Challenge!

October 2013

What you need to know about e-assessment

September 2013

Q&A with Rob Abel on New IMS Analytics framework

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